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We specialize in making good low risk high returns Private Money non-owner residential and commercial loans. We also have traditional owner occupant NON- QM, FHA, VA, FANNIE MAE, JUMBO and REVERSE mortgage services to ALL CREDIT TYPE BORROWERS. 

Contact Us:

FRED GRANT- President, CEO

NMLS #270028  

CA BRE # 010570672.750.7770      


O. 702.605.4800

O. 310.562.4800     NMLS # 1503230 

F.  877.836.7770     CA BRE: #01526157website: or



The Company


FIRST HOME CAPITAL INC (FHC or the Company) is located in and conducting business in  West Los Angeles, CA.  The company  was founded by Fred Grant in June 2011 as a Nevada Corporation and in November 2015 Mr. Grant re-domiciled FHC to a Wyoming Corporation for tax and regulatory advantages. FHC is fully licensed to do business in Colorado Texas and California as a mortgage Banker/Broker and A Licensed Class "B" General Contractor along with being a fully licensed Real Estate Broker. Applications to conduct mortgage banking business for Texas are pending at this time. FHC is considered a Non-Delegated Correspondent and we are approved with over 27 Institutional Investor that purchase our closed loans and our brokered loans.


FHC has also been approved for a warehouse line of credit through Citizens State Bank in Waco Texas and a second Line being considered. This allows FHC to fund our loan production prior to selling in the secondary market which increases profits significantly.

The Products, Staff and Services


FHC has over 65 years of combined leadership experience in our staff which is highly competent in offering several types of Mortgage Home Loans that will fit most consumer’s needs.   FHC offers Conventional, Jumbo and all Government backed loan programs such as FHA, VA, FNMA, FHLMC, USDA and Reverse Mortgages.  We also offer very competitive NON-QM LOANS and PRIVATE MONEY LOANS in California for non-owner occupied residential and small to mid-size commercial properties.

Marketing Positioning & Image


FHC’s WEB and our Predictive Dialer that has 3 people dialing home buyers and homeowners that have been looking for a loan are our primary method along with our referral base of CPA’s, Attorney’s and Community Banks and Credit Unions.  FHC is pleased to have an exclusive contract in place with Predictive Dialer to generate business with approximately 5,000 to 10,000 trigger, VA, FHA and other types of leads per month – details in the PPM. These leads are purchased from Experian, Trans-union and Equifax.


The goal and vision is as follows:


FHC has postured our tenured leadership and staff to grow this business at a challenging and manageable rate while generating profits.  FHC desires to be a good citizen in the communities served and provide quality service to the market of borrowers who seek to finance a home using a government backed and conventional loan programs.  In addition, our continued strong investor relationships for over 25 years gives FHC immediate strength in moving forward with a stable business plan while positioning for growth as the economy improves.

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